About the Company

Enviroleg was started due to the need for Environmental, Health, Safety & Labour Legislation in an user-friendly, electronic formats and products. It was clear that this legislation needed to be updated regularly and that the user needed to have this legislation in the updated status at all times, to avoid having to spend hours finding all the amendments to date.

Enviroleg conducted market research and found that the legislation available in electronic formats was incomplete and not in the up-to-date status i.e. amendments, etc. are supplied separately and users must assimilate such amendments to reach the latest status of each legislation. Further, Enviroleg felt that many other relevant legislation such as white papers, conventions, reports & by-laws are not supplied by any other legislation suppliers. Enviroleg hence supplies all such products and services in striving to supply comprehensive services to all clients/subscribers.

After five long years of inputting legislation from printed manuals, gazettes, etc. into electronic files, Enviroleg has been in operation since December 1994 with a mere 100 clients at the time, and continued to supply services to ever increasing number of companies.  This legislation content has more than quadrupled since.

There is a general belief that environmental law consists of the National Water Act, Environment Conservation Act and the Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act. This is not true. There are approximately 80 acts as well as provincial ordinances, local bylaws and international conventions controlling the environment.

The Government has included environmental issues in the Constitution, and thereby has provided an opportunity for people to pursue environmental matters in the public interest in a Court of Law.

A further consequence of noncompliance with legislation could be the risk of substantial financial loss, due to cleanup processes, loss of asset value and penalties.

Companies are increasingly pressured to adhere to legal requirements along with self-regulation and it can also be expected that control will become more strict in future.

To minimize risk, all industries in South Africa should be kept aware of, and be in possession of, all the relevant environmental and safety legislation that can have an economic or operational impact on their business.

ENVIROLEG  offers the only comprehensive, fully searchable, up-to-date information system of all environmental, health, safety & labour legislation applicable in SA including:

  • (All including draft legislation/White Papers)

This information is updated on a daily basis.

For the convenience of subscribers, ENVIROLEG provides a "WHAT's NEW" section, with shortcuts to recently added or amended legislation.

This list is also updated on a daily basis.

Notification of relative draft legislation/white papers is forwarded to each client fortnightly.

ENVIROLEG has an in house Legal Department for all environmental, health and safety related legal services i.e. legal registers, labour matters, etc.

Enviroleg's  product and services are recommended by the SOUTH AFRICAN BUREAU of STANDARDS as a legal register required by companies to attain ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18OO1 registration.

ENVIROLEG also offers the above legislative information and services individually, as a total package or any combination of the following:

[A] Internet/Intranet

[B] Database

[C] Electronic media, i.e.: word processing files

[D] Specific Legislation Required.

[E] Identification of legislation relating to Impacts Registers.

[F] Legal Registers.

[G] Course CD- 10% of total data software, for training purposes.

If you would like more information or if you have any comments, please e-mail Enviroleg (just "click" on Enviroleg to start up an e-mail message already addressed to us, or Contact Us if you prefer using the phone, fax or snail mail.)

Company Departments

IT Department- it@enviroleg.co.za

Accounts Department- ac@enviroleg.co.za

Legal Department- lg@enviroleg.co.za

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