Get JoJo Tanks for Sale in Your Area: Enjoy the Best JoJo Tank Prices with Installation. Hire the Best JoJo Tank Services near me

Get JoJo Tanks for Sale in Your Area: Enjoy the Best JoJo Tank Prices with Installation. Hire the Best JoJo Tank Services near me

Looking for JoJo tanks for sale near you? Get the best prices and professional JoJo tank installation services. Don’t miss out, find out more now!

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Finding licensed JoJo tank installers in your locality is now a breeze.

  • Our platform makes it effortless for users to locate authorized professionals near them who are adept at fitting all types of JoJo products, including tanks and pumps.

Not only will you be able to access high-quality installation services but also secure trusted assistance with the maintenance and repair of your water storage solutions.

Request a quote today from reliable, affordably priced experts no matter where you reside.

Explore the Complete Selection of JoJo Products in South Africa

Explore the Complete Selection of JoJo Products in South Africa

JoJo Tanks offers a comprehensive range of products to answer every possible water storage need.

  • Large or small, for personal use or commercial – there’s a JoJo tank designed specifically for it.

Discover their versatile vertical tanks that come in different sizes and colours, fitting seamlessly into any setting.

  • Not just limited to water storage, JoJo extends its product range into chemical and septic tanks

Farmers can benefit from the vast selection of agricultural tanks purpose-built for demanding farming conditions.

  • For specialized needs, their array includes slimline and underground options as well as rainwater harvesting variants.

Accessories are not an afterthought at JoJo! Supporting their wide variety of tanks is an equally wide assortment of accessories including pumps, filters and even tank fittings which give you all you need to get your system up and running in no time.

  • Whether you’re looking to store potable water or harvest rainwater for irrigation purposes, the right kind of quality-assured support equipment is available with them.

In short, if it involves liquid storage solutions in South Africa–chances are JoJo has already thought about it! So, make sure you check out all they have on offer; It’s an investment worth making now rather than regretting later!

JoJo Water Tanks: Sales and Installation Services

Explore our range of cheap JoJo water tanks for sale in South Africa. Whether you need a vertical, horizontal, slimline, or underground tank, we have the perfect solution for your water storage needs.

Find out more now!

Cheap JoJo Vertical Water Tanks

JoJo Tanks offers an array of budget-friendly vertical water tanks – a perfect blend of high quality and affordability.

  • Crafted with premium materials, these tanks promise lasting durability and are available in myriad sizes including a spacious 5250L variant.

Whether for domestic use or commercial applications like farming and industrial storage, JoJo’s cheap vertical water tanks cater to all needs proficiently. The company also provides comprehensive sales and installation services making the acquisition process seamless for customers across South Africa.

Cheap JoJo Horizontal Water Tanks

JoJo Tanks brings you affordable horizontal water tanks that are a perfect solution for spaces with height restrictions.

  • These versatile tanks serve various purposes, including acting as rainwater tanks when placed directly on level ground.

With JoJo Tanks’ sales and installation services, setting up these economical horizontal water tanks is straightforward and hassle-free.

  • Choose from various shapes, sizes, and colours to find the right fit for your needs without compromising on style or space!

The usage of our cheap horizontal water tanks extends beyond just residential use; they’re also ideal for commercial setups requiring mobile storage solutions.

Cheap JoJo Slimline Water Tanks

Slimline water tanks are an innovative solution from JoJo Tanks, designed specifically to fit in tight areas where space is a serious consideration.

  • These narrow yet robust tanks offer the same high-quality storage for rainwater harvesting or municipal backup that you expect from JoJo Tanks.

With capacity up to 750-litres, these slimline tanks cater perfectly to city dwellers with smaller properties.

  • What’s more exciting, the capacity can be easily enhanced by linking multiple units in series if needed!

Explore our range of cheap JoJo Slimline Water Tanks and make efficient use of your limited space today.

Cheap JoJo Underground Water Tanks

JoJo Tanks presents a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution with their underground water tanks.

  • These units showcase rugged ribbed designs, ensuring superior strength for longevity and resilience against harsh weather conditions.

The affordability of these underground water storage solutions makes them popular among individuals looking to optimise space while adhering to budget constraints.

  • Moreover, these JoJo Tanks are not just cheap but also offer substantial storage capacity without occupying visible space in your compound.

Whether you live in Johannesburg, Pretoria or any other part of South Africa, these efficient JoJo underground tanks will cater to all your water storage needs efficiently and affordably.

Make use of our services today and find the nearest professional service providers for installation around you!

Cheap JoJo Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks presents high-quality and affordable Rainwater Harvesting Tanks in South Africa.

  • There is a wide range of options to meet your specific needs, from small tanks for compact urban areas to large ones perfect for farms or industries.

Known for their durability and cost-effectiveness, these tanks are an excellent solution for storing rainwater efficiently and sustainably.

  • With JoJo’s decades of experience, you can expect the best in design technology ensuring optimal functionality with minimal maintenance required.

Rest assured that by choosing a JoJo tank, you’re investing in superior quality while contributing towards water conservation efforts.

Cheap JoJo Chemical Tanks in South Africa

JoJo chemical tanks provide a cost-effective and safe solution for storing various types of chemicals.

  • Built from high-quality polyethylene, these tanks can withstand harsh weather conditions without compromising the safety of the stored chemicals.

Their robust design ensures optimal performance regardless of climatic fluctuations found across South Africa.

  • Suitable for both domestic and industrial purposes, JoJo chemical tanks come in different sizes to cater to unique storage requirements.

Whether you need a small tank for your backyard or a large one for your factory, JoJo offers options that meet varying capacity needs without breaking the bank.

These affordable tanks are readily available throughout South Africa, making it simple for customers to find an ideal fitment swiftly.

Cheap JoJo Septic Tanks in South Africa

JoJo septic tanks in South Africa are known for their affordability. These tanks offer a cost-effective solution for the disposal of sewerage.

  • The prices of JoJo septic tanks can vary depending on factors such as size and capacity, but overall they provide great value for the benefits they offer.

Whether you need a septic tank for your residential, commercial, or agricultural property, JoJo tanks are designed to meet your needs. Invest in a cheap JoJo septic tank today and enjoy reliable and efficient waste management.

Cheap JoJo Agricultural Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks is a well-known supplier of affordable agricultural tanks in South Africa. Their tanks are designed to meet the needs of farmers at budget-friendly prices.

  • With JoJo’s agricultural tanks, you can store water for irrigation purposes or keep your livestock hydrated.

These tanks are built to last and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Whether you need a small tank for your backyard garden or a larger one for commercial farming, JoJo Tanks offers a wide range of sizes and capacities to choose from.

  • When it comes to agricultural tanks, JoJo Tanks is known for their durability and quality.

They understand the importance of having reliable water storage solutions on farms, which is why they offer affordable options that don’t compromise on performance.

  • The prices of JoJo’s agricultural tanks vary depending on factors such as size and capacity, allowing you to find the perfect tank that fits your budget and requirements.

By choosing JoJo Agricultural Tanks in South Africa, you can trust that you’re getting a reliable product at an affordable price.

  • These tanks are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the demands of farming operations.

From small-scale farmers to large commercial enterprises, JoJo Tanks has solutions for all types of agricultural needs. Don’t let water shortage affect your farming activities – invest in a cheap JoJo Agricultural Tank today!

JoJo Tanks Accessories Available in South Africa

Here are some must-have JoJo tank accessories available in South Africa:

  1. Water tank stands – Sturdy stands that elevate your tank for easy access and proper water flow.
  2. Taps – Convenient taps that allow you to easily dispense water from your JoJo tank.
  3. Tank fittings – Essential fittings that connect your tank to various pipes and hoses for optimal water distribution.
  4. Piping and gutters – High-quality piping and gutters that efficiently collect rainwater and channel it into your JoJo tank.
  5. Pre-filters – Filters that remove debris, leaves, and other contaminants from the rainwater before it enters your tank.
  6. Pumps – Reliable pumps that help you extract water from your JoJo tank for various purposes like irrigation or household use.
  7. Overflow outlets – Outlets that prevent your JoJo tank from overflowing during heavy rains, ensuring excess water is safely directed away.

Expert JoJo Services in South Africa

Experience top-notch JoJo services in South Africa for affordable tank installation, maintenance, repairs, cleaning, disinfection, relocation, and custom solutions.

Cheap JoJo Tank Installation in your area

JoJo Tanks offers affordable tank installation services in your area.

  • Our network of local installers are experienced and trained in installing JoJo tanks, pumps, and related products.

With the increasing demand for water security in South Africa, it’s essential to have a reliable water storage solution. That’s where our cheap JoJo tank installation comes in.

  • We provide expert services at competitive prices, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of a JoJo tank without breaking the bank.

Don’t compromise on quality or affordability when it comes to your water storage needs – choose JoJo Tanks for cheap and reliable installations in your area.

Cheap JoJo Tank Maintenance and Repairs

JoJo Tanks understands the importance of keeping your tank in top condition, which is why they offer affordable maintenance and repair services.

  • Regular maintenance is recommended every 2 years or as needed to ensure optimal performance.

With their expert services, JoJo Tanks prioritizes meeting customer needs and strives to provide long-lasting functionality for their tanks.

  • By choosing JoJo Tanks for your maintenance and repairs, you can have peace of mind knowing that your tank will continue to serve you for years to come.

Maintaining your JoJo Tank doesn’t have to break the bank. With JoJo’s affordable maintenance and repair services, you can keep your tank in excellent condition without spending a fortune.

  • Regular maintenance every 2 years or as required will help ensure that your tank continues to perform at its best.

Trust in JoJo Tanks’ expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction when it comes time for maintenance and repairs – they prioritize meeting your needs while ensuring the longevity of your tank’s functionality.

Cheap JoJo Tank Cleaning and Disinfection

JoJo Tanks offers affordable cleaning and disinfection services for their tanks.

  • Our expert team takes special care to thoroughly clean every corner and joint of the tank, ensuring that there are no traces of the previous liquid left behind.

Regular maintenance, including checking the sludge level and internal cleanliness every 2 years or as needed, is important to ensure high-quality water storage.

Cleaning and disinfecting your JoJo tank is a crucial part of tank maintenance that helps maintain water quality for your peace of mind.

Cheap JoJo Tank Relocation

JoJo Tanks offers affordable relocation services for your JoJo tank. They specialize in safely and securely moving your tank to its new location.

  • With their cost-effective service, you can trust that your water storage needs will be met.

JoJo Tanks understands the importance of reliable water storage and ensures that your tank is relocated with care. Trust them to handle the process efficiently, allowing you to enjoy continued access to stored water wherever you need it.

Cheap Custom JoJo Tank Solutions

JoJo Tanks offers affordable and customizable solutions for your storage needs.

  • Their cheap custom JoJo tank solutions are designed to fit your specific requirements, whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial use.

With their expertise in creating affordable and customized storage solutions, you can trust that you’ll get a high-quality tank at a price that won’t break the bank.

So if you need a reliable and cost-effective storage solution, look no further than JoJo Tanks’ cheap custom tank solutions.

9 Advantages of Installing JoJo Tanks near me

Installing JoJo Tanks near you comes with several advantages:

  1. Municipal Backup Solution: JoJo Tanks provide a reliable backup water source during municipal water outages or restrictions.
  2. Cost Savings: By collecting and storing rainwater, you can reduce your reliance on municipal water supply and lower your water bills.
  3. Sustainable Water Source: Rainwater harvesting using JoJo Tanks promotes environmental sustainability by conserving and utilizing a free natural resource.
  4. Drought Resilience: With a JoJo Tank, you can store water during periods of rain for use during dry spells, ensuring a continuous water supply.
  5. Flexibility in Size and Design: JoJo Tanks offer a variety of sizes and designs to suit different space requirements and aesthetic preferences.
  6. Easy Installation: Installing a JoJo Tank is straightforward, and with the help of authorized installers, it can be done efficiently.
  7. Versatile Applications: JoJo Tanks can be used for various purposes such as residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or municipal water storage needs.
  8. Durability and Longevity: Made from high-quality materials, JoJo Tanks are built to last and withstand harsh weather conditions.
  9. Underground Options Available: If space is limited or aesthetics are important, JoJo offers underground tanks that blend seamlessly into the landscape while providing ample water storage capacity.

Cheap Applications of JoJo Tanks in South Africa

JoJo Tanks in South Africa have a wide range of affordable applications, including residential water storage, commercial water storage, industrial water storage, agricultural water storage, and municipal water storage.

Cheap Residential Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers affordable water storage solutions for residential use in South Africa.

  • With a range of sizes and prices to choose from, homeowners can find the best deals for cheap residential water storage.

By investing in a JoJo Tank, you can reduce your reliance on the municipal water supply and save on water bills.

  • These tanks are not only cost-effective but also provide a reliable source of water for household needs.

So why wait? Take advantage of JoJo Tanks’ affordable prices and ensure that you have an ample supply of water at home.

Cheap Commercial Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers cheap commercial water storage solutions that are perfect for businesses in South Africa.

  • With their range of affordable tanks, you can store a large amount of water on your premises without breaking the bank.

These tanks are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your water supply remains safe and secure at all times.

  • Whether you need water for manufacturing processes, irrigation systems, or any other commercial purposes, JoJo Tanks has the right solution for you.

Invest in their cheap commercial water storage options and ensure a reliable and cost-effective water supply for your business.

Cheap Industrial Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offers affordable water storage solutions for industrial applications.

  • With their cost-effective tanks, industries can find a cheap option to meet their water storage needs.

These tanks are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting and low-cost water storage options for industrial customers. JoJo Tanks understands the importance of accessibility and affordability, which is why they offer competitive prices for their tanks.

  • This allows industries in South Africa to have access to high-quality water storage solutions that cater to their specific requirements without breaking the bank.

Choose JoJo Tanks for reliable and cheap industrial water storage solutions.

  • Affordable and cost-effective
  • Weather-resistant design

Cheap Agricultural Water Storage

JoJo Tanks understands the importance of affordable agricultural water storage. That’s why they offer a range of cheap tanks specifically designed for agricultural purposes.

  • With their cost-effective solutions, farmers can ensure a steady supply of water to nourish their crops and livestock.

JoJo Tanks provides a comprehensive selection of tanks and accessories to meet different agricultural needs, ensuring that farmers have access to the right equipment for efficient water storage.

  • By offering competitive prices, JoJo Tanks makes it more affordable for farmers to invest in reliable water storage solutions.

Choose JoJo Tanks for cheap agricultural water storage and ensure the security of your farming operations while conserving precious water resources.

Cheap Municipal Water Storage

JoJo Tanks offer affordable solutions for cheap municipal water storage in South Africa.

  • These tanks are designed to connect to the main water supply line, automatically filling up when there is water available.

They provide a reliable backup water supply during times of shortages or interruptions in the municipal water system.

  • With their reputation for quality and reliability, JoJo Tanks are the go-to choice for cost-effective and efficient municipal water storage solutions in South Africa.

Choose JoJo Tanks to ensure that you always have an affordable and reliable source of water when you need it most.

Guide to Selecting the Perfect JoJo Tank for Your Needs

When choosing a JoJo tank, consider your specific requirements to find the ideal size and materials that suit your needs. Compare different options and consult with experts for guidance.

Guide to Choosing the Right Size JoJo Tank

Consider the following factors when determining the appropriate size:

  1. Water Usage: Calculate your average daily water consumption to estimate how much storage capacity you require. This includes household needs, such as drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing.
  2. Rainfall Patterns: Assess the amount of rainfall in your area to determine how much water you can harvest. Areas with higher rainfall may require a larger tank size compared to areas with less precipitation.
  3. Available Space: Measure the space where you plan to install the JoJo tank. Ensure that there is enough room for both the tank and any necessary infrastructure like downpipes and pumps.
  4. Budget: Determine your budget for purchasing a JoJo tank. Larger tanks generally come at a higher cost, so consider finding a balance between capacity and affordability.
  5. Future Needs: Consider any potential changes in water usage or expansion plans that may affect your storage requirements in the future. It’s advisable to choose a slightly larger tank if you anticipate an increase in demand over time.

Comparing JoJo Tank Materials: A Complete Guide

Material Type Durability Cost Suitability for Water Storage
Polyethylene Highly durable, resistant to impact and weather conditions Relatively economical Ideal for water storage, does not affect the taste or odour of water
Steel Excellent strength but can corrode over time if not treated More expensive than polyethylene Good for water storage but could require additional liners to prevent rusting
Fiberglass Resistant to corrosion, but could crack under extreme pressure More costly compared to polyethylene and steel Suitable for water storage, requires no additional treatment
Concrete Highly durable but prone to cracks and leaks over time Most expensive option Good for large-scale water storage, requires regular maintenance to prevent leaks

Comprehensive JoJo Tank Prices in South Africa 2024 [Your JoJo Tanks Price List]

JoJo Tanks offers a comprehensive range of water storage tanks in South Africa, with prices to suit every budget.

  • Whether you’re looking for a small tank for residential use or a large tank for commercial or industrial purposes, JoJo Tanks has you covered.

The prices of their tanks vary depending on the size and capacity, starting from as low as R2600 for a 260-liter vertical tank.

  • For those needing more storage capacity, they also offer larger tanks up to 20,000 liters in size.

The highest price you’ll find is R84406.99 for their largest tank option.

With JoJo Tanks’ competitive prices and wide selection of sizes and colors, you can easily find the perfect water storage solution to meet your needs.

  • Their high-quality tanks are durable and built to last, ensuring that your stored water remains safe and secure.

Whether you need a tank for residential use, agricultural purposes, or any other application, JoJo Tanks has the right option at the right price for you.

Investing in a JoJo Tank is not only an excellent way to ensure access to clean water but also a cost-effective solution in the long run.

  • With their affordable prices and reliable quality, JoJo Tanks is the go-to brand when it comes to water storage solutions in South Africa.

Don’t miss out on their comprehensive price list – contact them today to find the perfect tank at the best possible price!

Find Trusted JoJo Suppliers in Various Areas of South Africa

Find Trusted JoJo Suppliers in Various Areas of South Africa

Discover reliable JoJo suppliers across South Africa. From Alberton to Umhlanga, our network of authorized installers ensures you get the best quality and service. Don’t miss out on finding your local JoJo supplier – explore our extensive list now!

Provinces Served by Expert JoJo Installers in South Africa

Expert JoJo installers are available in all provinces of South Africa. Whether you’re in Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, or any other province, you can find trusted JoJo suppliers to assist you with your JoJo tank installation and maintenance needs.

Explore the Specific Neighbourhoods We Service

Discover the specific neighbourhoods where we provide our services across South Africa.

  • Alberton
  • Amanzimtoti
  • Ballito
  • Benoni
  • Bloemfontein
  • Boksburg
  • Brackenfell
  • Cape Town
  • Centurion
  • Chatsworth

Conclusion: Reach Out Now for a Local JoJo Installer Near You!

Conclusion: Reach Out Now for a Local JoJo Installer Near You!

Reach out to a local JoJo installer near you today and enjoy the benefits of having a reliable water storage solution.

  • Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or agricultural use, JoJo Tanks offers a wide range of sizes and options to suit your needs.

Don’t wait any longer – take the first step towards efficient water storage with JoJo Tanks!


1. What is a JoJo tank?

A JoJo tank is a brand of water tanks, designed for water storage. They are available in various sizes, including 1000L, 2500L and larger up to 10,000 litres.

2. Where can I find JoJo tanks for sale?

You can find JoJo tanks for sale at nearest dealers in multiple locations like Durban, Pretoria or Port Elizabeth among others.

3. Are there different types of JoJo Tanks?

Yes, the product range includes vertical tanks, slimline tanks and even specific solutions like garden tools and hand tools; all come with necessary accessories & fittings.

4. How much do JoJo tanks cost?

The cost of a JoJo tank varies depending on its size and specifications; you might also find occasional specials from suppliers that could be beneficial.

5. Is it possible to install a JoJo tank by myself?

While certain aspects may be handled as DIY tasks,services from professional installations teams exist due to regulatory requirements and because proper installation ensures your warranty stays valid.

6. What does the JoJo tank warranty cover?

The warranty generally covers defects related to manufacturing or materials used in production but this may vary so consider checking the specifics with your dealer.